Sensory Toy Starter Kit - Pod Chair Swing, Water Beads, Weighted Blanket, Fidget Toy

$70.00 $108.00

Finding the right product to help your child regulate themselves when they are having a sensory meltdown - is one of the hardest things we must do as parents of a sensory kiddo. It is hard to know what product will help the most in their time of need. With the Sensory Jungle Start Kit - we solve that problem for you. You can stop wishing that you had the right product, instead buy all of our top selling sensory integration toys as a reduced price. Our customers report back that these products help calm their child, help them focus on their school work, help avoid meltdowns, and make car rides bearable. We're so confident your child will benefit from these products, we're offering a 100% money back guarantee if they're not completely satisfied for any reason.