Kids Sensory Swing Pod Chair

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  • WHY YOU NEED IT: Our sensory swings are unique because they come with a swivel hook that allows the pod chair to spin freely and give your child the proprioceptive input they crave. They can be used as a porch swing, porch chairs, swinging chair, lycra swing, or chair swings.


  • WHO’S IT FOR: Our pod chairs are perfect for kids of all ages, but they are especially useful for children who have unique sensory input needs. They are designed for kids ages 3 and up, but there is a 145lb weight limit.


  • WHAT’S IN IT: Our swinging chair comes with all of the swing set accessories to mount the chair indoors to the ceiling, or outdoors to a swingset, or wrapped around a tree branch. We also include a unique swivel hook, that allows the swings for kids to spin freely.


  • HOW IT WORKS: The sensory swing can be mounted indoors or outdoors, and has an inflatable base so it is comfortable for children of all ages. Kids can sit in the pod chair and relax, read a book, play games, or take a nap. For special needs kids, it is also an excellent tool for calming down and blocking out sensory input, or for getting the vestibular input that they crave from spinning.


  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Our company was founded to create top quality toys and tools for kids who have unique sensory needs. As parents of special needs children, we understand their unique needs and your desires as a parent. Our products are special needs kid tested and approved, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right, no questions asked!

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