Sensory Compression Swing & 360* Swivel Hook

Sensory Compression Swing & 360* Swivel Hook

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The Sensory Jungle Compression Swing: Stronger for Safety, Softer for Soothing Comfort

Soothe your sensory-seeking child with the Sensory Jungle compression swing. Made of premium 2-ply cotton/spandex, it literally surrounds your little one with cozy, calming softness.

Unlike Flimsier Pod Swings, This One Provides:

2 durable fabric layers, securely stitched together for twice the strength & support

Built-in stretch for cozy compression, with just enough supple stretch to hug, calm, and snuggle your child

360 degrees of sensory stimulation – simply attach the exclusive swivel hook (a $28 value! - included for free) and let your child swing in any direction

Pre-sewn construction for simpler set-up: No more hassling with hard-to-tie knots. Just loop your swing through the figure 8 (included). Then pull it taut & you're set

Indoor/outdoor versatility: Hang it practically anywhere – from a ceiling joist, playset, sturdy tree branch, you name it.

Comes with All Required Hardware & Then Some

You get a sturdy fabric daisy chain, figure 8, two locking D-shape carabiners, plus our exclusive swivel hook – all neatly packed with a durable backpack (ideal for carrying and storage).

Rugged Wear, Easy Care

Thanks to its superior workmanship, your Sensory Jungle cocoon swing will stand up to years of use. Machine washable, cold water, delicate cycle.

All This Plus a Colorful, Reversible Design

Your Sensory Jungle therapy swing is deep blue on one side, lighter blue on the other. Reverse sides for twice the fun (and wear).

Add to Cart Now and see the difference: a calmer, happier child.

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