Instant Fake Snow

Instant Fake Snow

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JUST ADD WATER - With Sensory Jungle's instant snow powder, Our kit makes producing the perfect flurries super easy - all you have to do is add water. No stirring or other further action is required - see, we told you it was a breeze, and the end result is incredibly cool!

TRANSFORMS IN SECONDS - Not only is the faux snow easy to make, it barely takes any time at all. The highly absorbent material instantly soaks up 100 times its weight in water, going from a dry powder to soft and realistic looking “snow.” It even feels cold to the touch just like the real stuff that falls from the sky!

KEEPS ON GROWING - The powder instantly expands when paired with water and produces approximately 2 gallons of fake snow. Parents, you may be wondering how much of a mess this is going to be. Not to worry, our instant snow doesn’t leave behind a big wet mess that you’ll be stuck cleaning up.

FUN AND EDUCATIONAL - Use the instant snow to put the perfect finishing touch on your holiday party decor or Christmas in July extravaganza. Children can explain the science behind our snow for an upcoming school project, or you can create the snow with your family and spend some quality time together during the holidays or on a random afternoon. No matter when or why you make it, you’re going to have tons of fun and experience hands-on learning at its best!

NON HAZARDOUS MATERIAL - The instant snow powder is formulated using a safe non-toxic polymer material. This product is recommended for use by children ages 4 and up with adult supervision. Now go let it snow!

Still Valley Instant Artificial Snow Powder

Fake Snow Powder Grows 100x Its Original Size in Water

Non Hazardous Polymer Material

100 g Bottle of Powder Makes Approximately 2 Gallons of Faux Snow