Stretchy Letter Strings - 6ct

Stretchy Letter Strings - 6ct

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Looking for a fun toy that’s also an effective sensory tool? This fidget string from Sensory Jungle is a soft and squishy sensory toy that provides excellent tactile stimulation for kids and adults alike. It twists, twirls and wraps around itself or your fingers with ease. For an even cooler feat, it can also be stretched up to a whopping 8 feet before returning back to its original 10-inch length. You’ll love seeing what it can do!

Fidget and sensory toys are wonderful tools for those with autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorders or special needs. Busy hands can use them for quiet fidgeting, and they also help develop fine motor skills, hand and/or arm strength, finger dexterity, and the all-important pincer grasp. These bendable strings are also ideal for learning to form letters, playing all kinds of made up games and creating different shapes and designs. The sky’s the limit!

Strong yet pliable, fidget strings promote a sense of calm and relaxation when stretched or squeezed. Much like a stress ball, manipulating the sensory strings forces tense muscles to relax and offers a physical outlet for emotions while also focusing attention. They’re perfect for those with high stress or anxiety and can be used at home, work, and in a classroom or therapy setting.

Sensory Jungle’s fidget string comes in a value pack of 6 products with bright blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, and purple colors. The stretchy strings are fun to play with and highly recommended sensory and stress relief tools for students, parents, teachers, therapists, and more.

These stretch strings are suitable for users ages 3 and up. Their non-toxic, eco-friendly TPR material is BPA and latex free for safe handling. Safety Note: Never wrap around the neck or use to restrict blood flow.