Sensory Water Beads & Sea Creatures - Ocean - 6,000ct

Sensory Water Beads & Sea Creatures - Ocean - 6,000ct

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Inspired by the dancing colors of moving water, Sensory Jungle has created sensory water beads that capture the playfulness of the ocean! This kit includes 6,000 water beads in an assortment of light and dark blue, light and dark green, and an opaque white. Their vibrant coloring and silky texture make them perfect for sensory play! Children can learn color recognition and counting while developing their fine motor, language, and social skills.

This pack of beads arrives dehydrated so they look like tiny hard marbles. To make some magic and watch them transform into soft, slippery pearls, all you have to do is add distilled water. Place them in a jar or bin and pour in a few cups of H2O! Your kids will love watching as they expand to 1,000 times their original size as they absorb water. They also can be dehydrated after playtime is over so you can use them time and time again!

Don’t worry, these magic water beads won’t burst your fun by breaking! We made sure to use a durable, super absorbent polymer sodium polycarbonate that’s non toxic and odorless to be safe for kids. The beads can be scooped, squeezed, and sorted by little exploring hands. And while they may be tough enough to handle daily playtime, they remain squishy and smooth in texture.

We’ve included 16 toy sea creatures and 4 ocean floras to help add a little extra fun to your sensory ocean. There are 7 brightly colored fish, a sea lion, a starfish, a sea turtle, a walrus, a crab, a penguin, a stingray, a squid, and a shark!

Parents, teachers, and therapists alike love incorporating these magical water gems as part of sensory play. They’re perfect for children ages 3 and up and for any child with special needs. We’re confident your kids will love them, but if for any reason you’re not positively delighted by them, please let us know and we ’ll make it right!