360* Swivel Hook and 2 Locking D Carabiners

360* Swivel Hook and 2 Locking D Carabiners

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The perfect accessory to hang your sensory swing or yoga swing. This hardware is weight rated for over 6,000 pounds, so there are zero concerns that it will hold any size human that wants to play!

Some features and benefits:


  1. Free spinning 360* range of motion

  2. The weight rating for the swivel hook is 6,744 lbs and the weight rating for the carabiners is 5,620 lbs

  3. Other competitors provide much cheaper carabiners in their listing - which will differentiate us.

  4. Our swivel hook is powder coated gray and blue


  1. Easily support a child in a sensory swing

  2. Easily support an adult in a yoga swing

  3. Can be used indoors or outdoors

  4. Can be used in an occupational therapy setting

  5. Spins freely without friction, unlike many competitors

  6. Provides proprioceptive input for a sensory seeking child