About Us

sensory jungle owner

Founded in 2015, Sensory Jungle is a small family-owned business that all started when our Founder, DJ, and his family began to navigate a Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis for their oldest daughter.

During their first few visits with occupational and physical therapists, they started seeing how powerful the right therapy tools and toys could be in helping their daughter reach her full potential.

This led to buying a myriad of different products to see which ones could best help their daughter, and frustration at the poor quality and high prices of many of the products available. 

DJ and his family quickly realized that there was an opportunity to create a high quality sensory integration product at an affordable cost, which led them to developing their first product. They rolled out their rainbow water beads product in late 2015, and Sensory Jungle was born. 

18 products (and counting!) later, Sensory Jungle's mission is to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices thereby giving parents the option to provide the best for their kids. Sensory Jungle is also committed to providing expert level information, resources, and training to help you and your family navigate the waters of a special needs diagnosis.

Sensory Jungle was created out of love and necessity, and it is our sincere hope that all of our products benefit you and your family in a special way!