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10in LCD Transparent Tablet - Learn to Draw!

10in LCD Transparent Tablet - Learn to Draw!

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Our 10in Transparent LCD tablet is an amazing toy for children to learn to draw and learn to write their letters, with ZERO mess. 

You can place the tablet over a drawing and trace over top using the transparent screen on our LCD tablet. 

Our tablets include 10 inches of writing space, so your child has plenty of room to explore. One touch of a button will clear the screen so kids can continue to draw without wasting endless paper. You can also lock the screen to preserve those amazing drawings!

With an included battery, you should get up to 12 months of drawing time (plus the battery is easy to replace if ever needed). 

This makes for a perfect car toy because it make no noise, is easily transportable, and makes ZERO mess. 

Includes a stylus for drawing. 

Available to purchase in Blue or Pink!


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