• Congrats

  • I just became a GREAT aunt !!!!

    Julia Edwards
  • This would be so good for my son!! He has Down Syndrome and Sensory Processing disorder. Swings are the only thing that calms him sometimes. We were so sad when he grew out of his newborn swing so we got him a toddler swing and now he’s outgrown that!! Crossing my fingers we will win!!!!

    Demi Cushing
  • I have custody of my grand daughters and the oldest who just turned 7 has combined ADHD and sensory issues. Her psychologist told me to try to get her a sensory swing, and make her a sensory corner to help her with her meltdowns. This would be amazing for my little monkey lol. That is her nickname at home🐒

    jennifer Stoops
  • What a brilliant product! My kids would love this swing! Thank you for hosting a giveaway with your launch.

    Kelly Johnson

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